Becirovic: After the ICTY's verdict, the question is what HDZ is still doing in the EPP family

'The visit was not really necessary. It does not have any value added, as the previous ones did not have.[...]

Objavljeno :2017-12-05 23:31:37
Brammertz: There is nothing heroic in burning down the villages

The Hague Tribunal is not a political institution and it did not process the nation but those responsible for grave war crimes and violations of the Geneva Convention, the Hague chief prosecutor Serge[...]

Objavljeno :2017-12-03 12:36:09
Dr Hadzidedic: Covic's retrograde politics is supported by some international circles

The International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) rendered its final judgement in the case Prlic et al. affirming the sentences for the former leaders of self-proclaimed Croat statelet[...]

Objavljeno :2017-12-03 11:23:29
The real purpose of political slandering The Hague

Why the Croat (and Serb) politicians claim in unison that The Hague is a political court?[...]

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Some tragic fallacies about the verdict for Croatian Six

The recent verdict for 'Croatian Six' which attempted at creating so-called Herzeg-Bosnia, one could write a great deal and from a variety of angles...[...]

Objavljeno :2017-12-01 11:38:19
Friar Mile Babic: Prayer meeting for Prlic et al. is betrayal of faith!

The prayer meeting scheduled to take place in the eve of handing down the verdict for The Hague convicts Jadranko Prlic et al. in Mostar – has faced strong objections.[...]

Objavljeno :2017-11-26 21:13:03
Academic Mahmutcehajic: Izetbegovic wants to make Bosniaks his tribe

The FACE TV 'Central News' guest academic Rusmir Mahmutcehajic explained why he left the government in 1994.[...]

Objavljeno :2017-11-26 19:37:15
All three sides of a regime of evil and crime

Owing to the verdict for Ratko Mladic for genocide, the story about the guilt of all three sides has lost its argument.[...]

Objavljeno :2017-11-26 18:34:33
While Covic was commanding in Afghanistan: None of HDZ BiH representatives came to the Statehood Day

The BiH Statehood Day ceremonial reception held yesterday at the Presidency BiH building, hosted by the Bosniak member of the Presidency BiH, Bakir Izetbegovic, neither did see the Croat member Dragan[...]

Objavljeno :2017-11-26 13:40:44
Becirovic: Friar Markovic was right – HZ HB is the biggest failure of Croat politics

Mostar saw marking the anniversary of self-proclaimed Croat community of Herzeg-Bosnia. The event was also attended by the President of HDZ BiH and the member of the President BiH, Dragan Covic.[...]

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