To Bosnia and Herzegovina – with love and care

Commentary by academic Esad Durakovic[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-29 09:27:00
Pompeo's message and destabilization policy of Dodik and Covic

Milorad Dodik, a fake socialdemocrat, has definitely assumed the ideology of SDS.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-28 11:20:00
Rebels are deep asleep, intellectuals are dead silent while BH society is falling to pieces

Commentary by Amina Corbo Zeco[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-23 18:31:00
Smearing BiH and ignoring EU values - it's not a lapsus, it's Croatian foreign policy

The Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic continues to meddle in Bosnian internal affairs.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-13 12:12:00
Peace Implementation Council warns RS of wrongly interpreting the Constitution

The PIC SBA recalled Bosnia was recognized as a sovereign country in 1992 and transformed with the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-13 10:42:00
Where the party ends and the country begins: Are there any pilots in the airplane?!

Commentary by Sead Omeragic[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-09 21:26:00
Macron with a time bomb

Commentary by academic Durakovic on Macron's statement that BiH is crowded with jihadists.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-08 13:10:00
Dubious role of the international community in 'stormy' Bosnia and Herzegovina

From the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia to the current Bosnia and Herzegovina ruled by anarchy and fear...[...]

Objavljeno :2019-11-06 17:09:00
Genocide and JCE on the road to Europe

Column by Sead Omeragic[...]

Objavljeno :2019-10-17 19:13:00
Ultimatums in the ultimate fight for power

A year has passed since the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the state and federal governments have not yet been formed...[...]

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