Parties under heavy pressure: Covic will block the state and prevent elections 2018

As HDZ BiH leader and president of HNS, Dragan Covic, is doing his utmost to get BiH on the road to Europe, as well as to acknowledge and implement the verdicts of the Constitutional court, how come t

Objavljeno : 28.03.2017 16:19:03
Who killed Jozo Leutar: 18 years of open investigation

It has been 18 years since the death of Jozo Leutar, deputy Federal Minister of Interior whose murderers and those who ordered the assassination still have not been identified.

Objavljeno : 28.03.2017 11:11:54
Radoncic in Telering: Serbs and Croats should be tied to Sarajevo instead of repelled

SBB president Fahrudin Radoncic was a guest in TV show Telering. Asked by journalist Mato Djakovic why he did not enter the politics much sooner, Radoncic said he followed Donald Trump's recipe is the

Objavljeno : 24.03.2017 12:39:04
The only Bosniak in Assembly keeps silent: Visegrad municipal budget funds Ravnogorski movement!

Just like in previous years, this year the municipality of Visegrad allocated 500 KM to 'Ravnogorski pokret'.

Objavljeno : 22.03.2017 11:27:42
It's ok, we have passports, water and pension: How the state blackmails its citizens

There are too many reasons why BH citizens should feel vulnerable because of dysfunctional state.

Objavljeno : 22.03.2017 10:57:20
Komsic: Covic will not allow the implementation of electoral results unless HDZ wins

President of Democratic Front, Zeljko Komsic, in Dnevnik D of the Federal TV, made comments about the assembly in Neum at which Croatian president, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said that BiH had to make c

Objavljeno : 17.03.2017 10:34:49
Autoceste FBiH: Allegations about tender annulment are false

The management of public company Autoceste FBiH (FBiH Highways) denies allegations of some media outlets that European Investment Bank (EIB) annulled tender for construction of one section of the high

Objavljeno : 10.03.2017 12:13:59
Covic's calculation: Croat from Zenica is fake, true Croat is from Grude

Each time Dragan Covic and HDZ BiH correct discrimination against Croat people, they create even greater discrimination, not only for Bosniaks, Serbs and Others who live in Federation BiH, but also fo

Objavljeno : 09.03.2017 21:24:08
National and political immorality: Rule of law on trial

'Ever since the war, BiH has existed in the shadows of a paraintelligence structure that is actively pulling strings even today... Parts of that structure are extremely active and have their niches in

Objavljeno : 07.03.2017 11:17:06
New media strategy: Public servicing of the state

What's happening with our political leaders and their public appearances? There's something in miniatures of their politics that also reflects their attitude towards the state.

Objavljeno : 06.03.2017 08:27:03