Unconstitutional Day of RS celebrated in Brcko that is under sovereignty of the state BiH!

The unconstitutional Day of RS was officially celebrated in Brcko District. Milorad Dodik hosted a reception party with over 300 guests at one of hotels in Brcko. This event did not make a breaking ne

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Picula: Sanctions are a warning; things in BiH can be changed only by agreement

Sanctions imposed by the US on Milorad Dodik are manifestation of the long standing situation in BiH. It is also the first, somewhat more resolute move by a member of the international community, part

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Borenovic for Patria: What were Dodik's lobbyists doing?

Most important thing right now is not to involve Republika Srpska in any additional challenges, Branislav Borenovic, president of PDP (Party of Democratic Progress) said, commenting on sanctions impos

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Hoyt Yee sent important messages: Dodik thought he was invincible

'You think you are gods and you are making terrible mistake. When I was the prime minister, I thought I was God and that I was omnipotent. It was an unforgivable mistake that I paid high price for and

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Zijad Becirovic: Train Belgrade – Mitrovica was not sent by coincidence

The train that did not run from Belgrade to Mitrovica for 17 years could not have been sent from Belgrade by coincidence, Dr. Zijad Becirovic from the International Institute for Middle Eastern and Ba

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Academic Durakovic: Appeal for saving the state

On January 9, in Banja Luka, all masks finally fell off. Another attack on the constitutional order of BiH took place (and why would not, considering that the one in form of recent referendum was not

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NATO dismissing generals, Ivanic ordering withdrawal of all Serbs from BH Armed Forces

Already difficult situation created by the 3rd Infantry Regiment of BH Armed Forces participating in the events marking the unconstitutional holiday of the Day of RS is becoming more complicated.

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Kotromanovic: Croatia should block Serbia on its path to EU until they change their attitude to BiH

Speaking in HRT1's TV show 'Otvoreno' on Monday, former Croatian Defense Minister, Ante Kotromanovic, said that one should be concerned about the politics of Belgrade and not the politics of 'Banja Lu

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SDP, DF, Gradjanski savez: Breaking the chain of command of AF BiH is attack on peace

SDP BiH, DF and Gradjanski savez (Citizen Alliance) issued a joint press release regarding the participation of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the Armed Forces BiH at the ceremony marking the nonconstit

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Dodik's secret plan: Why did he insist on participation of the AF in Day of RS?

The most recent public debate of political officials the topic of participation of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of BH Armed Forces in marking the nonconstitutional holiday?

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