What would Ivanic and Vucic have done?

Over the last 10 days, we have been witnessing one of the most absurd situations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Softic about to file request for revision of the lawsuit

Sakib Softic, BH representative before the International Court of Justice is currently in Netherlands where he plans on filing a request for revision of the lawsuit of BiH against Serbia for genocide.

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Milosevic's regime was paying perpetrators of genocide indicted in The Hague

On 17 March 2001, the office of then prime minister of Serbia, Zoran Djindjic, received a report from the headquarters of Yugoslav Army about the 30th personnel center.

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Becirovic to Dacic: 14 reasons that Serbia's officials have given for revision of the lawsuit

State representative (SDP BiH), Denis Becirovic, sent an open letter to Serbia's Prime Minister, Ivica Dacic, over his frequent threats to BiH as regards its undisputable right to activate the procedu

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Mladic's war diaries: What did Stanisic say to Mladic, where was Perisic at the time of genocide

In July 1995, the Hague convict, Ratko Mladic, wrote in his war diary that he had complained to Jovica Stanisic how he lacked troops for some things. Stanisic wrote back: 'I'm sending you 80 great guy

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Covic's denying Srebrenica and Vukovar

Considering the politics of the Republika Srpska political parties, it is quite understandable (but not justifed) that the Chairman of BiH Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, has fiercely opposed BiH filing

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Father Ivo Markovic: Croat politics in BiH is directed by so-called Herzeg-Bosnia and UDBA

Croat politics seems undefined. The Croats are lacking orientation. Big problem is that the Croat politics is directed by so-called Herzeg-Bosnia, which is the worst, most catastrophic part of Croat p

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Target - BiH: From aggression to aggressive politics

BiH is not going to be successful candidate for EU membership until adequate institutional conditions will have been met, considering the principles of federalism, decentralization and legitimate repr

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Historical maximum: Government owes commercial banks well over 2 billion KM

Centers of Civic Initiatives (CCI) presented earlier today comprehensive report 'State of the Nation', which provides a detailed review of the effects of the reforms in BiH over the last 18 months

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Why is BiH under tremendous pressure: Serbia preparing the ground for revision of the lawsuit

One of the hot topics of current debates in BiH in Serbia these days is if BiH will file for revision of indictment against Serbia.

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