Finci: National parties in BiH are depriving of rights their own people

The Croatian Democratic Union of BiH (HDZ BiH) insists on changes to the Election law of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a consequence, voters from one BH constituent group would not be able to vote for th

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Migrant tragedy and political strategy

When Slobodan Ujic, the Director of the Service for Foreigners Affairs says: 'We have to close the border with our eastern neighbors – Serbia and Montenegro', we can't help but wonder if it was a s

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BH property in Croatia: The longest European battle for ruins

The story about confiscation of BH property in Croatia under the recently passed Law on governing state property – seems more like a bad construction.

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Coup d'état as directed by Dragan Covic

Ever since the beginning of negotiations on the Election law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HDZ leader Dragan Covic has kept the entire state hostage by his minimalistic demands.

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Hunter's stories about investment conferences

Last month saw one economic event and two investment conferences. The economic fair in Mostar and investment conferences in Sarajevo and on Jahorina Mountain.

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Lipovaca: Prosecutors and ordering parties should cover the costs of show trials and arrests

What is the purpose of spectacular action movie like arrests of people filmed by media when they are at home with their families?

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The state BiH is the only test of political maturity and responsibility

The joint meeting of the governing boards of SDP and DF held in September 2017 followed by subsequent meetings and agreements reached among the BH left wing parties, brought a great deal of optimism t

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Camilla Habsburg: Youth are the future of Bosnia

We have to be able to observe any tendency of going right. Awareness is the most important thing as well as not to be discouraged to criticize and stand up against any kind of attacks on minority grou

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Kresimir Zubak: Dodik and Covic are ideological and political brothers

Kresimir Zubak has an enviable career in law and politics. He was the president of the District court in Doboj, and from 1980 to 1984, Zubak was deputy minister of judiciary of Republic of BiH.

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Two things are infinite: Human stupidity and Nenad Stevandic

The leader of the United Srpska, Nenad Stevandic, told ATV that, at the upcoming general elections in October, for the Presidency BiH, his political party would support the candidate least liked by Sa

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