Bleak See on the Black Sea

Following the latest events in and around the Black Sea, two old questions are reappearing. Both are inviting us for a repeated elaboration:

Objavljeno : 08.12.2018 15:45:00
Is BiH still an occupied country?

The story of the last war of aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina is a well known historical fact: Milosevic's Yugoslav National Army (JNA) from Serbia backed by Mladic's and Karadzic's armies fr

Objavljeno : 07.12.2018 13:06:18
Suppression of free speech: To the professors' appeal, rector Skrijelj responds with threats

The professors of the University in Sarajevo issued an appeal to the academic community, the public and future government in Sarajevo, urging them to act fast in order to save the country's biggest un

Objavljeno : 01.12.2018 23:11:53
Beginning of the end of Milorad Dodik, or beginning of the end of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Faced with heavy accusations for crime, numerous unsolved murders, poor economy in the part of Bosnia and Herzegovina that he has ruled for longer than 10 years, as well as isolation by the United Sta

Objavljeno : 29.11.2018 11:54:56
Huskic: Dodik is the chief reason why OHR is still in BiH

The newly elected member of the Presidency BiH, Milorad Dodik accused during his inauguration the international community in BiH for the bad situation in that country, followed by his promise to campa

Objavljeno : 22.11.2018 12:12:32
Puhalo: Dodik does want a deal but on his terms

Following the inauguration of new BiH Presidency members, the analysts forecast 4 years of political stalling and filibustering. They predict Dodik's continued attempts to impose his own policy that i

Objavljeno : 22.11.2018 09:57:47
Vucic's introductory speaker to new crimes

I don't believe that denying Srebrenica genocide by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic was a slip of the tongue.

Objavljeno : 17.11.2018 12:39:41
Patriots on the run from the beloved country

Former prime minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski wrote from Hungarian capital Budapest on Tuesday, where he requested political asylum.

Objavljeno : 15.11.2018 15:31:13
Has Covic fulfilled conditions for the black list?

In January 2017, the president of BH entity Republika Srpska was sanctioned by the United States of America for 'obstructing the Dayton Peace Accord and posing a threat to the sovereignty and territor

Objavljeno : 12.11.2018 12:23:26
The 'Gavrankapetanovic' case: SDA occupation of health and education sectors

SDA has occupied the health and education sectors and numerous other segments of society. They are an autocratic ruler with little tolerance for those who dare to disagree.

Objavljeno : 09.11.2018 17:19:04